The Greenland Books 6: The First Snow

Book six in the series “The Greenland Books” by Marianne Slot

Jacob lives in a little village on the west coast of Greenland. Life presents many different experiences – according to the season, the countryside and the people around him…

Quote from the book:
“Jacob woke early one morning to some strange sounds. The house was perfectly still. Still, in a peculiar way. Like when the snow muffles footsteps, voices, everything!
Perhaps he had dreamt? He looked out of the window.
Even in the semi-darkness outside there was a strange light over the town.
SNOW! It had snowed!
The first snow had come that night!”

Reviews of The Greenland Books 6: The First Snow

“ .. The books give an excellent insight to these people who in their everyday life are extremely dependant upon the whims of nature. The books are harmonious, the small exciting anecdotes break into the regular narrative…
The language is easily read and the books have an open layout with good, expressive drawings and illustrative sketches which all support the text well.
Nice covers which fit well the contents and atmosphere.”

“.. From the contents : the Christmas tree is ordered in the late summer, the first day of school in national costume, the consequences of earlier times lack of hygiene, learning to bear weapon, preparing the catch and much more. All through, sensing Greenland´s incredible nature.

In good way a 10 year old can gain indsight into a world far to the north that is so different.

Suitable for project reading and integrating subjects. A good reading experience from 3rd grade.”