Prince Salino 1: The Desolate Country

Book one in the series “Prince Salino” by Marianne Slot

Anna writes stories.
Luckily she gets some help to her tale, from a messenger from the story!
Not only an exciting story about a prince who goes off to save the poor princess from the wicked giant and his dreadful dragon – but an adventure that gradually changes, as he on his travels through the countryside meets a troll woman, and later the dangerous robbers he has heard so much about. Who are these robbers, who capture him and take him to their secret lair in Krat wood?
How can he fight the dreadful giant?

At school Anna becomes good friends with a new girl in the class, called Malene. But Malene has a scary past….

Reviews of Prince Salino: The Desolate Country

“The coffee by my side grew cold, and my eyes didn’t leave the pages until I reached the last full stop..
Written in a flowing language which from the start goes at pace, that even the most impatient child hangs on in happy anticipation over what trials the characters in the story must endure.
… If you enjoyed Astrid Lindgrens “The Brothers Braveheart” and “Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, then you will enjoy the tales about Prince Salino”.

Camilla Brandt, journalist

“A read not to be missed!”
I have read the books about The Prince Salino aloud to my classes – They have been a great success… Apart from being a really good story, it has given us the opportunity to discuss the greater questions of life.
The books have appealed to pupils in 4th.5th . and 6th grade.

Tanja K. teacher.

“This fantastic story evolves on several levels. Through the every day story we hear about 12 year old Anne. She is a dreamer and with her fantasy she creates a wonderful adventure which the reader is drawn into as the story takes form. The actual story can be understood on different levels and is suitable to be read aloud to a large age group, from 8 – 14 years. The youngest will involve themselves in the adventures of Prince Salino who battles with dragons and giants to rescue the princess of the neighbouring country. The oldest will be able to see beyond the adventure and find parallels to the many refugees of our time.
…Marianne Slot has earlier written the series Viking Blood. The previously mentioned book is also part of a series and I am looking forward to reading the sequel. The book will also be popular for independent reading for 11-12 year olds, and the appealing cover will contribute to selling the book.”

From the library review: