Prince Salino 2: The night is black

Book two in the series “Prince Salino” by Marianne Slot

Anna continues writing her exciting story:
Shortly after returning to the castle Salino’s loved one disappears, and it takes much cunning and toil to find her! At the same time he discovers that people are randomly imprisoned and that some of his new found friends from Krat wood have been sent to a secret, cruel prison camp, where only a few survive for any amount of time! A camp ruled by the heavy hand of the dreadful black knight.
It seems that there are strong forces in and around the court, which play with hidden and dangerous cards. But in the countryside a hope for change springs – and resistance grows …

Anna’s girlfriend Malene wants to find her little brother who has been adopted, but what should she do?
At home Anna experiences horrible things when she wears the mysterious red glasses …

Reviews of Prince Salino 2: The night is black

“The coffee by my side grew cold, and my eyes didn’t leave the pages until I reached the last full stop..
Written in a flowing language which from the start goes at pace, that even the most impatient child hangs on in happy anticipation over what trials the characters in the story must endure.
. If you enjoyed Astrid Lindgrens “The Brothers Braveheart” and “ Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, then you will enjoy the tales about Prince Salino”.

Camilla Brandt, journalist

“ A read not to be missed!”
I have read the books about The Prince Salino aloud to my classes – They have been a great success.. Apart from being a really good story, it has given us the opportunity to discuss the greater questions of life.
The books have appealed to pupils in 4th.5th . and 6th grade.

Tanja K. teacher.

“The adventure about Prince Salino is written by 12 year old Anne as a school project, a story is built into the adventure. Anne gets her ideas from what she sees on the televison news, reads in the papers or has heard from a girl friend, an adopted child from Sri Lanka.
The story has two levels. In the real world Anna goes to school and does the same things as her peers. Much of her spare time is spent on the computer writing about Prince Salino, and through him, solving many of the problems Anne wrestles with.
An interesting style of writing that illustrates the problems of today for the readers, who are the 10-13 year olds.
The book can be read as an exciting adventure and is also suitable for reading aloud and discussion afterwards about persecution, hunger and injustice..”

From the library review: