Prince Salino 3: Bloody Gold

Book three in the series “Prince Salino” by Marianne Slot

Salino and his men must flee from the underground city, but are captured and taken to the secret, cruel prison camp.
There they are put to hard labour. In the mean time they plot to free all the prisoners. But the powers that be are strong and everything seems hopeless.
The mystical, dreadful black knight has a secret plan. But who is he? And how can Salino find a way to vanquish him?

Anna’s lively imagination helps her in writing the story, but also brings her close to frightening events both past and present.
And then she falls in love …

Reviews of Prince Salino 3: Bloody Gold

“A good read that should not be missed!

I have read the books about Prince Salino to my class. They were a great success.
The books are
• Prince Salino 1 – The Desolate Country
• Prince Salino 2 – The night is black
• Prince Salino 3 – Bloody Gold
The stories evolve around the girl Anna who writes stories about the Prince Salino.
The reader is taken not only into Anna’s everyday life but also into Salino’s realm.
Salino has many adventures in his fight against evil.
Apart from being a really good story, it has given us the opportunity to discuss the greater questions of life.
The books have appealed to pupils in 4th.5th . and 6th grade.
We have also had the pleasure of meeting Marianne Slot, which my pupils benefited from.”

Tanja K. teacher.

“The 12 year old Anne continues to write the adventure about Prince Salino and in parallel we follow her daily life with her friend Malene. The two plots are linked together. For example Anne is interested in the fate of refugees and starts a clothing donation at school and simultaneously the topic is taken up in the book. Through the three books the story of Anne and Malene develops. Anne falls in love and her father, just like Prince Salino’s father, is revealed as a swindler at his job. Malene finds her little brother who was also adopted. The idea of the parallel stories continues to work well, and the books appearance is of the same high standard, so those who have read the first two books will certainly want to read this too.”

From the library review: