The Forgotten Island: Part 1


The subject matter consists of 2 copy folders with an inspiring presentation of lots of different stories which can be built upon, all of them evolve on an exciting deserted island. The pupils can themselves choose between the islands many situations and stories. Everyone can join in! The stories are on two levels but with the same content. One can write a lot or a little according to inclination and ability. And there are lots of suggestions for fascinating drawings!.

In the 1st. part one can explore:

The poisonous swamp The dungeon
The deep well The captains cabin
The creepy hollow The weeping stones
The living cave The bottomless lake and more

A teacher rang the publisher Elysion and told that she had a very difficult class in Danish. They were not in the least motivated to work on the subject, definitely not any written work. The class became so enthusiastic about working with “The Forgotten Island” that she had to lock the books away to hinder her pupils in racing through them. One of the boys solved that problem by breaking in and stealing them!