The Greenland Books 3: The Glacier Calves

Book three in the series “The Greenland Books” by Marianne Slot

Jacob lives in a little village on the west coast of Greenland. Life presents many different experiences – according to the season, the countryside and the people around him…

Quote from the book:
“Jacob sees the iceberg tip over with a huge groan. A second later the boat is lifted up by a great wave – and let down again. Jacob has closed his eyes. He can feel it violently going up and down . Soon we will be thrown on to the rocks, he thinks…”

Reviews of The Greenland Books 3: The Glacier Calves

“.. at the same time, an exciting adventure and an excellent insight into a small communitys´ daily life, adventures, lack of supplies in the shop, catching seal, hunting a narwhale, meeting a calving glacier, – yes, about living in the far north.

The books are well written and the b/w illustrations give good support to the text.

Suitable in project reading, for example about living in a cold climate..

For learning and / or a good reading experience from 3rd grade.”

The books have a pleasing and open layout with good drawings and illustrative sketches. The language is easily read. Nice covers which fit well with the contents and atmosphere”.