The Greenland Books 4: The Old Houses

Book four in the series “The Greenland Books” by Marianne Slot

Jacob lives in a little village on the west coast of Greenland. Life presents many different experiences – according to the season, the countryside and the people around him…

Quote from the book:
“What is that?
A shadow disappears behind one of the houses!
Jacob shudders
Perhaps it’s a qivitoq, a fell walker?
Mother had told of some that have walked on the fells and never returned. Some of them, it was said, walked again. Jacob dare not tell the others but he glanced up to the houses as they went ashore…”

Reviews of The Greenland Books 4: The Old Houses

“.. at the same time, an exciting adventure and an excellent insight into a small communitys´ daily life, adventures, lack of supplies in the shop, catching seal, hunting a narwhale, meeting a calving glacier, – yes, about living in the far north.

The books are well written and the b/w illustrations give good support to the text.

Suitable in project reading, for example about living in a cold climate..

For learning and / or a good reading experience from 3rd grade.”

The books have a pleasing and open layout with good drawings and illustrative sketches. The language is easily read. Nice covers which fit well with the contents and atmosphere”.