The Greenland Books 7: A Lot Of Light In The Dark

Book seven in the series “The Greenland Books” by Marianne Slot

Jacob lives in a little village on the west coast of Greenland. Life presents many different experiences – according to the season, the countryside and the people around him…

Quote from the book:
“Suddenly, Rasmus stops and starts to whistle while he gazes up to the stars.
“Arssarnarit! Northern light!” he whispers – and points up to the curtains of light that undulate over the skies.
“Do you believe, it’s true, that it’s the souls of the dead that are playing ball in the sky?” Jacob asks cautiously.”

Reviews of The Greenland Books 7: A Lot Of Light In The Dark

“.. This book has a good story that gives a good impression of Christmas as it is celebrated in Greenland. The language is easily read with an open layout with good drawings that support the text well. The cover is nice and fits well with the contents and atmosphere..”

“.. Darkness has fallen over Greenland. They followed the last sunset and they dug the many graves for those who would die that winter. It is so different in that world so far to the north and the book captures the atmosphere. Yet again written in short concise chapters, where the text is well supported by beautiful illustrations. Suitable for project reading/ integrating subjects. A good reading experience for 3rd grade