The Greenland Books 8: The Sun Returns

Book eight in the series “The Greenland Books” by Marianne Slot

Jacob lives in a little village on the west coast of Greenland. Life presents many different experiences – according to the season, the countryside and the people around him…

Quote from the book:
“The snow began to drift over the ice- and the sleigh tracks.
In a second the air was thick with snow.
It was also starting to get dark
The boys didn’t speak to each other anymore
Crept into themselves -
and tried to keep out the fear.
“We must be lost,” Jacob admits in the end.
Rasmus doesn’t make a sound.
He is very scared.”

Reviews of The Greenland Books 8: The Sun Returns

“ The series is about everyday life on the west coast giving a fine and sober indsight into the living conditions of modern day Greenland, where the whims of nature play a major roll in the activities and experiences through the year. The language is easily read and the series has an open and pleasing layout with nice drawings and many, small very illustrative sketches which give good support to the texts…”

“..As in the other books of the series; short, concise chapters with good illustrations which support the text really well. A good series ends. Sucessfully captured are the pictures of life and the atmosphere of a country so far to the north that is not only cold and ice but also a world of living people.

For project reading/ integrating subjects.
A good read for 3rd grade.”